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Lost Carnival | IC Contact


FREQUENCY: 202.16217

DESCRIPTION: Unless he's asleep or otherwise prevented from answering, Sora will always answer the radio if you call him!


LOCATION: Mailbox on Door

DESCRIPTION: Mail is best left in the cute little birdhouse mailbox hanging from their trailer door. Alternatively, you can shove it under their door so that they actually look at it.

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text; portland, week 3

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[ Early in the week, Sora will receive a message from Lambert's number, short and to the point. ]

Have you had any more visions?
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this event has seen a lot of inbox use

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[ That instantly puts him on the alert. ]

What do you mean a really weird one? Is something going to happen?

[ Because if it is, you know, he'd like to get a heads up so he can get the hell out of the way. ]
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[ That immediately gets alarm bells ringing. ]

A guy with feathers?
Do you remember what he looked like?
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[ Yeah, no, that's enough of the text messaging. Lambert needs to hear this in person, because sorry Sora, you suck at explaining things on the phone. ]

I want to know more about these visions.
Can you meet me at the library? What time are you done with class?